Wine Ventures - Quinta da Romeira

Wine Ventures - Quinta da Romeira

Located in Bucelas, at the heart of one of the oldest wine exporting regions (mentioned by Shakespeare in Henry VI), Quinta da Romeira begun in 1988, both, a deep building restoration project and the planting of what is the largest continuous area of ​​vine Arinto caste in Portugal. Today Quinta da Romeira has 70 hectares and a wine cellar entirely designed for the production of highest quality white wines.

The History tells us, in 1703, the third earl of Castelo Melhor, Luis de Vasconcelos e Sousa - protagonist in the marriage contract negotiations between the princess Catherine of Braganza and the king of England, Charles II - created the Morgadio of Santa Catherina in honor of the princess, which included the Quinta da Romeira, located in Bucelas. At the end of the next century, Sir Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, has even stand in Quinta da Romeira, a sober and aristocratic manor house with two  manueline windows, looking at the  famous "Linhas de Torres" he builted to defend Lisbon from Napoleon troops.

Main wines:

  • Morgado de Sta Catherina;
  • Test Royal;
  • Principium Chardonnay Arinto;
  • Principium Cabernet / Touriga Nacional;
  • Principium Merlot / Touriga Nacional;
  • Vivere white;
  • Vivere red;
  • Quinta da Romeira Late Harvest;
  • Sparkling Brut Nature;
  • Sparkling Brut.



Wine Ventures - Quinta da Romeira

2670-678 BUCELAS

GPS: 38°54'10.10"N, 9° 4'53.64"W

T: 219 687 071

Owner: Francisco Ferreira

T: 219 687 071



Catarina Rente
M: 968 098 847


António Marques Leitão
M: 932 642 875







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