Quinta das Carrafouchas

Quinta das Carrafouchas

Located in À-das-lebres, parish of Santo Antão and São Julião do Tojal. The manor house is one of the baroque buildings existing Loures municipality. Purchased in April the 8th, 1872, by Joaquim Franco Cannas to the Marquis of Valada, Quinta das Carrafouchas is owned by the same family until the present day. Inspired by the traditional way of making wine, Quinta das Carrafouchas wine results from the passionate work of its people, the land and the art of treating the wine and the vineyard. The winery, licensed since 1932, only since 1954 begun white wine prodution, and it was sold in bulk. After the implementation of new varieties of vine and vineyard remodeling, it is currently the private vineyard nearest to Lisbon inner city.


Main wines:

  • Quinta das Carrafouchas White;
  • Quinta das Carrafouchas Red.




Quinta das Carrafouchas

Rua Francisco Franco Cannas, A-das-Lebres


GPS: 38º 50’ 50,33” N / 9º 9’ 58.12” W

T: 917 262 385

E: quintadascarrafouchas@gmail.com 

W: www.facebook.com/carrafouchas


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