Confraria do Arinto Bucelas

Confraria do Arinto Bucelas

The Brotherhood of Bucelas Arinto became a reality, in a public act on the 25th July 2008, with the legal creation, the brotherhood undertakes, through a joint work, to boost the economic, social and cultural life of Bucelas village, creating several events to promote and enhance and protect the demarcated region of Bucelas Arinto Wine and the material and immaterial related patrimony, as well as the associated culture and landscape.


In 1911 was created the Demarcated Region of Bucelas Wine, which includes, beyond the Bucelas parish seat, the villages of Charneca, Vila de Rei, Bemposta, Catadouro, Santo Aleixo, Vila Nova, Chamboeira, Freixial, at the parish of Stº. Antão do Tojal (Pintéus, Manjoeira andArneiro) and inFanhões (Fanhões, Ribas de Cima e Ribas de Baixo Barras and Cocho).

The main grape used is arinto but it can also be used, in a low percentage, the following varieties: esgana cão and rabo de ovelha.

All the Brotherhood members have the mission to enhance the Bucelas Arinto Wine special and unique patrimony, within a region with great potencial as a high quality touristic destination.




Confraria do Arinto Bucelas

Rua Vasco da Gama, n.º 32  

2670-633 BUCELAS

GPS: N 38º 53' 59.736''   W 9º 6' 58.969'' 

T: 219 694 109 

M: 962 344 939








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