Botica Saloia

Botica Saloia

Two friends, from Sintra's roots, oenophiles and lovers not only of gastronomy, but also of Portuguese habits, decide to concentrate in a small and cozy space, a set of traditional elements of Saloia life in the heart of Sintra.

The goal: to create a space that can bring together this set of traditions in a place so close to Lisbon, yet forgotten, over so long by its people.
Thus, in a center full of history, next to one of the oldest royal palaces in the country and in a market from the late 19th century, closed for more than a decade, Botica Saloia appears.



Rua do Paço, 16 – loja 2

2710-616 Sintra

GPS: 38.79802552, -9.38992023

T: 913 042 765

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.