Wine Route

Colares Demarcated Region

As well as guided visits to the wine cellars and vineyards, the Colares Wine routes are an opportunity to enjoy the natural landscape of Sintra. This includes a rich historical, architectural and ethnological heritage, set in the geomorphologic diversity of mountain, countryside and coast. It also offers the quality of traditional Sintra gastronomy, ever present in the restaurants found along these routes.

1 – Discovering Colares Wine on a Tram trip

1 – Discovering Colares Wine on a Tram trip

Tram | Colares Regional Winery| Wine Tasting | Lunch in Colares | Tram | Walking Tour from Estefânia to the Historic Centre | Traditional sweets tasting | Sintra National Palace

Duration – 1 day

Take the train or drive to Sintra.

IMPORTANT: Contact the  Colares Regional Winery in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.


Upon arriving in Sintra (we recommend arriving in Sintra around 9:30 am), park your vehicle at the Portela de Sintra car park or, alternatively, at the Cavaleira car park and catch the free transfer

Head to the district of Estefânia, Vila Alda – Casa do Elétrico, the Sintra Tram initial stop.

Purchase your ticket and jump aboard the century-old Sintra Tram. Enjoy this unique trip to the Colares Regional Winery. Your stop is "Banzão". The journey will last about 35 minutes among trees and houses. This line, in existence for over 100 years, extends all the way to Maçãs Beach.

Welcome to the Cooperative Winery of Colares, the oldest cooperative winery in Portugal. You now have the opportunity to learn a little about the production methods of Colares Wine and visit the winery building, also used to host events. The taste of this unique wine will leave a lasting memory.

The tram back to Sintra leaves at 3:10 pm, departing from the same stop – Banzão – so we suggest a walk through Colares and a lunch in one of the local restaurants.

You should arrive back in Sintra around 4 pm. Enjoy a stroll through Sintra! Cross the district of Estefânia towards the Historic Centre, passing through the   Correnteza Gardens and make a stop at the viewpoint to admire the magnificent landscape.

Next, keep walking until you reach the City Hall, a 20th century revivalist building. Continue along Volta do Duche and admire the Public Art exhibition, comprising pieces by various authors, which brighten up the path to the historic centre.

Arriving at "Vila Velha", as this part of the Historic Centre is known to the locals, enter one of the pastry shops and delight yourself with the traditional sweets: travesseiros and queijadas.

If you still have some time, don't forget to visit the iconic National Palace of Sintra, with its imposing chimneys standing tall in the town centre.

Before heading back, walk along the narrow streets, alleys and stairs of the picturesque Historic Centre.

After getting to know the demarcated wine region of Colares a little better, we look forward to your next visit, where further experiences await.

See you soon!



2 – Discovering the sandy soil vineyards and the DOC Colares Wine

2 – Discovering the sandy soil vineyards and the DOC Colares Wine

PR8 | Sandy soil vineyards| Lunch at Maçãs Beach | Azenhas do Mar | Almoçageme | Viúva Gomes Winery | Wine Tasting | Adraga Beach | Sunset

Duration – 1 day

Requires the use of own vehicle – comfortable footwear and clothing for the first half of the day

IMPORTANT: Contact the Viúva Gomes Winery in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.


Start the day with a  hike to discover the vineyards of the historic Colares Wine. Download the PR8  trail onto your mobile phone and embark on this adventure

This circular route spans approximately 15 km, starting at the Colares Regional Winery, passing through the Nazaré Pine Forest, the Ramisco Wine Vines, Fontanelas and Janas. The route is marked with information panels and georeferencing files.

If you're not feeling adventurous enough to walk the entire way, you can take a drive through the picturesque villages of Janas and Fontanelas, but don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the traditional "sandy soil" vineyards  used to produce the DOC Colares Wine.

At lunchtime, if you have followed the PR8 back to the starting point, head to Maçãs Beach and have lunch at one of the local restaurants. If you have visited the vineyards by car, take the opportunity to have lunch at a restaurant along the coast. Enjoy some good fish or seafood from the coast, and charge your batteries over a long lunch.

After lunch, head to Azenhas do Mar and discover this beautiful, iconic village. At Azenhas do Mar, the houses are located on the coast, surprisingly cascading down the cliff side towards the sea.

It is now time for the highlight of the day! Head to the beautiful village of Almoçageme to visit the Viúva Gomes Winery. In this visit, you will learn about how Colares Wine is made, while talking with the producer, and you will have the opportunity to taste this special wine, experiencing its unique characteristics first hand.

Take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about how the vines are planted in the sandy soil you have visited in the morning, some of which belong to this producer (Fontanelas)

After this experience what better than a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of Sintra: Adraga Beach, accessible from the centre of Almoçageme, head here to watch the fabulous sunset and breathe in some of the fresh air on this rough, somewhat wild beach.

We hope you have enjoyed this day of Enotourism in Sintra, and look forward to your next visit, where further experiences await.

See you soon!


3 - Colares Wine and Heritage

3 - Colares Wine and Heritage

Park and Palace of Monserrate | Lunch at the Monserrate Park Cafeteria | Casal de Santa Maria | Wine Tasting | Cabo da Roca | Certificate | Sunset

Duration – 1 day

Requires the use of own vehicle

IMPORTANT: Contact Casal de Santa Maria in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.


In the morning, take the EN247 towards Colares/Praias. Before arriving at Várzea de Colares, at the crossroads with an elbow to the right, turn left onto the EN375, towards Eugaria and Monserrate.

Follow the EN375 to the Park and Palace of Monserrate. Here you will find one of the most beautiful architectural and landscaped creations of Romanticism in Portugal: the Park and Palace of Monserrate, unique testimonies of 19th century eclecticism.

Take your time in one of the richest botanical parks in the country, and contemplate the wonderful architectural construction of the Palace that combines Gothic, Indian and Moorish influences with exotic and vegetal motifs.

At lunchtime, enjoy the terrace of the cafeteria located in the park and charge your batteries.

After lunch, drive back along the EN375, to Várzea de Colares, on to the EN247 and head towards Almoçageme and Cabo da Roca. Drive past the entrance to Almoçageme (on the right), carry on for a few more meters, and turn left. At the entrance of the street you will find vertical signage for Casal de Santa Maria.

You have arrived at Casal de Santa Maria, one of the producers of DOC Colares Wine. The history of this estate dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The main house was built in 1720 and, surprisingly, survived the 1755 earthquake thanks to its structure made of granite from the Sintra Mountains. In 1903, it stopped producing wine, but 100 years later, the "most western vineyards in Europe" were replanted and the winery was modernized.

Visit the entire estate, taste Colares Wine, and enjoy the superb view. Discover the “secrets” and curiosities of how DOC Colares Wine is produced and planted on a “sandy soil”.

In the evening, find your way back to the EN247 and travel towards Cabo da Roca. Here, immerse yourself in the beautiful immensity of the Atlantic Ocean as it opens up before you, in one of the most emblematic places in Portugal.

At Cabo da Roca "…where the land ends and the sea begins…", get a certificate from the local tourism office of your visit to the westernmost point on the European continent.

There could be no better way to end this unique day, dedicated to Enotourism in Sintra, but to enjoy the sunset from this unique place.

See you soon!


4 – Archaeology and Colares Wine

4 – Archaeology and Colares Wine

Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas | Lunch at Negrais | Ramilo Wines | Wine tasting | Sandy soil vineyards | Azenhas do Mar | Sunset and seafood from the coast

Duration – 1 day

Requires the use of own vehicle

IMPORTANT: Contact the Ramilo Wines producer in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.


Early in the morning, drive to São Miguel de Odrinhas – the northernmost village in the municipality – and visit the Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas  and the nearby Roman ruins. The collection comprises over 400 pieces: coins, ceramic, lithic, metallic and osteological objects, among others

Make the most of your visit to the north of the municipality, and enjoy lunch in Negrais. Adjust your GPS and head to Negrais. It is only 20 minutes away. Try the Negrais suckling pig , a typical dish in Sintra's gastronomy. 

After lunch, set your GPS once more, now towards Ramilo Wines, one of the producers of Colares Wine. This producer's vineyards used to make the DOC Colares Wine are planted on the sandy soil in Janas, municipality of Sintra - the winery is located in the neighbouring municipality of Mafra, very close to the border between the two municipalities, in Quinta do Ramilo, where they have more vineyards.

Pay a visit to the Estate and the winery, where the producer makes its DOC Colares Wine, among others. Taste this unique wine and learn more about how it is made.

After an afternoon well spent, and having tasted the Colares wine, return to the municipality of Sintra and Azenhas do Mar. Before heading to the viewpoint, pass along the old Colares vineyards on sandy soil and note their unique characteristics.

At Azenhas do Mar, the houses are located on the coast, surprisingly cascading down the cliff side towards the sea. Walk through its narrow streets and discover this beautiful and iconic village

Next, charge your batteries watching the beautiful sunset while nibbling some good seafood from the coast, in one of the local restaurants.

This was certainly was a good enotouristic and gastronomic experience. We hope you managed to learn a bit more about the history and production of the centenary Colares Wine and Sintra's gastronomy.

There is still much more to discover. We await your return, with further experiences.

See you soon!


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