3 - Colares Wine and Heritage

3 - Colares Wine and Heritage

Park and Palace of Monserrate | Lunch at the Monserrate Park Cafeteria | Casal de Santa Maria | Wine Tasting | Cabo da Roca | Certificate | Sunset

Duration – 1 day

Requires the use of own vehicle

IMPORTANT: Contact Casal de Santa Maria in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.


In the morning, take the EN247 towards Colares/Praias. Before arriving at Várzea de Colares, at the crossroads with an elbow to the right, turn left onto the EN375, towards Eugaria and Monserrate.

Follow the EN375 to the Park and Palace of Monserrate. Here you will find one of the most beautiful architectural and landscaped creations of Romanticism in Portugal: the Park and Palace of Monserrate, unique testimonies of 19th century eclecticism.

Take your time in one of the richest botanical parks in the country, and contemplate the wonderful architectural construction of the Palace that combines Gothic, Indian and Moorish influences with exotic and vegetal motifs.

At lunchtime, enjoy the terrace of the cafeteria located in the park and charge your batteries.

After lunch, drive back along the EN375, to Várzea de Colares, on to the EN247 and head towards Almoçageme and Cabo da Roca. Drive past the entrance to Almoçageme (on the right), carry on for a few more meters, and turn left. At the entrance of the street you will find vertical signage for Casal de Santa Maria.

You have arrived at Casal de Santa Maria, one of the producers of DOC Colares Wine. The history of this estate dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The main house was built in 1720 and, surprisingly, survived the 1755 earthquake thanks to its structure made of granite from the Sintra Mountains. In 1903, it stopped producing wine, but 100 years later, the "most western vineyards in Europe" were replanted and the winery was modernized.

Visit the entire estate, taste Colares Wine, and enjoy the superb view. Discover the “secrets” and curiosities of how DOC Colares Wine is produced and planted on a “sandy soil”.

In the evening, find your way back to the EN247 and travel towards Cabo da Roca. Here, immerse yourself in the beautiful immensity of the Atlantic Ocean as it opens up before you, in one of the most emblematic places in Portugal.

At Cabo da Roca "…where the land ends and the sea begins…", get a certificate from the local tourism office of your visit to the westernmost point on the European continent.

There could be no better way to end this unique day, dedicated to Enotourism in Sintra, but to enjoy the sunset from this unique place.

See you soon!