2 – Discovering the sandy soil vineyards and the DOC Colares Wine

2 – Discovering the sandy soil vineyards and the DOC Colares Wine

PR8 | Sandy soil vineyards| Lunch at Maçãs Beach | Azenhas do Mar | Almoçageme | Viúva Gomes Winery | Wine Tasting | Adraga Beach | Sunset

Duration – 1 day

Requires the use of own vehicle – comfortable footwear and clothing for the first half of the day

IMPORTANT: Contact the Viúva Gomes Winery in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.


Start the day with a  hike to discover the vineyards of the historic Colares Wine. Download the PR8  trail onto your mobile phone and embark on this adventure

This circular route spans approximately 15 km, starting at the Colares Regional Winery, passing through the Nazaré Pine Forest, the Ramisco Wine Vines, Fontanelas and Janas. The route is marked with information panels and georeferencing files.

If you're not feeling adventurous enough to walk the entire way, you can take a drive through the picturesque villages of Janas and Fontanelas, but don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the traditional "sandy soil" vineyards  used to produce the DOC Colares Wine.

At lunchtime, if you have followed the PR8 back to the starting point, head to Maçãs Beach and have lunch at one of the local restaurants. If you have visited the vineyards by car, take the opportunity to have lunch at a restaurant along the coast. Enjoy some good fish or seafood from the coast, and charge your batteries over a long lunch.

After lunch, head to Azenhas do Mar and discover this beautiful, iconic village. At Azenhas do Mar, the houses are located on the coast, surprisingly cascading down the cliff side towards the sea.

It is now time for the highlight of the day! Head to the beautiful village of Almoçageme to visit the Viúva Gomes Winery. In this visit, you will learn about how Colares Wine is made, while talking with the producer, and you will have the opportunity to taste this special wine, experiencing its unique characteristics first hand.

Take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about how the vines are planted in the sandy soil you have visited in the morning, some of which belong to this producer (Fontanelas)

After this experience what better than a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of Sintra: Adraga Beach, accessible from the centre of Almoçageme, head here to watch the fabulous sunset and breathe in some of the fresh air on this rough, somewhat wild beach.

We hope you have enjoyed this day of Enotourism in Sintra, and look forward to your next visit, where further experiences await.

See you soon!