Flores do Cabo

Flores do Cabo

Flores do Cabo is a project around art, culture and sustainability, fundamental pillars in the development of humanity according to our vision.

In the space of a century-old winery, in the heart of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park,  we have developed a set of complementary activities that have animated and transformed the space since April 2005, making the visit to the place a distinct, diverse and enriching experience.

In addition to the collection  of works of art  presented throughout the space, the main gallery hosts temporary exhibitions by contemporary authors from around the world and develops a cultural agenda with various events throughout the year.

Due to the presence of large exotic interior plants, in the tradition of the parks of Sintra, , we complement the route that visitors just took when entering the main door, making explicit our desire to bring people closer to nature, and to a more natural way of life.

Gastronomy arises naturally, based on a life around the matter, as an experimental and creative initiative where the ingredients are exclusively plant based, from organic farming and preferably of local origin.

With extensive experience in this context, we present a contemporary proposal, always seasonal, in which quality and exception are reference standards constantly evolving.

With over 10 years of promoting organic, natural and exceptional wines, we always have a vast portfolio of wines for local consumption, to take away or to ship abroad. We promote local wine tastings, visits to historic vineyards and thematic private wine tasting dinners.

With a vast number of national and foreign customers who appreciate our choices, we share all the time the Colares wine history and culture.

We have also been working on other projects in the historical context of Colares wine for some time, which we will soon disclose.



Avenida Amílcar Augusto Gil 141

2705-199 Colares

GPS: 38.789469, -9.460377

T:  914 450 858

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W: https://flores-do-cabo.business.site/